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Can A Casual S*x Relationship Become A Serious Relationship?

Many people today are involved in purely s*xual relationships with others. And whether you have a friends with benefits type of connection, are someone who partakes in one-night stands or you simply enjoy hooking up without any type of commitment, there are many different ways to engage in a strictly physical connection with another person. 

However, you may find yourself wondering if it’s even possible to turn your casual s*xual relationship into something more serious.
Can casual s*x turn into a serious relationship? It may surprise you to learn that it’s definitely possible to transition a purely s*xual relationship into a serious, long-lasting commitment. In fact, many people choose to be sexually active with others before getting to know them on a more emotional level in order to determine if there’s even s*xual chemistry between the two of them.

In other words, many people want to know that a fulfilling s*xual connection is present before deciding to pursue something more serious and long-term. It’s also interesting to note that those who engage in a casual s*xual relationship with another person can end up wanting a more serious commitment because of the time that they spend together right before and/or after their intimate acts. 

For instance, you may find that after being sexually intimate with someone, you can end up talking for hours and really get to know this person in a new kind of way. And once you create this type of an emotional bond in addition to your physical one, a committed relationship can often be the next step.

Plus, there’s the very strong possibility that engaging in these types of s*xual acts with someone can make you long for a more serious relationship with him or her.
For instance, when you have this type of intimate physical connection, it’s not uncommon to find yourself suddenly wanting to have an emotional connection as well. After all, you’re clearly attracted to this person and fully enjoy the intimate time that you spend together.

How can I turn my casual s*xual relationship into something serious? If you’re interested in transforming your casual physical connection into something more, there are different steps that you can take right now to see if a serious relationship with this person is in your future.

1. Try to determine if your partner is also interested:

One of the best ways to take your casual s*xual relationship to the next level is to pay close attention to your partner’s words as well as his or her actions. For example, does he or she only seem to text you late at night to come over on a whim? Or does he or she text you for the sheer purpose of really interacting with you, without any underlying s*xual motives? By tuning in to your partner’s behaviors and tendencies, you can better gauge if a serious relationship is something in which he or she’d even be interested in pursuing.

2. Take the initiative to spend more time together:

 If you’d like to turn your casual relationship into a committed, long-lasting connection, it’s important that you become proactive in terms of how you spend your time together. For instance, you can ask this person to accompany you to more conventional date-like activities, such as attending a party together, going bowling or having a meal at a restaurant. Not only will his or her response to your invitation help you to determine if this person could potentially be interested in something more, but spending time with him or her out of the bedroom can enable you both to see each other in a new light in every respect.

3. Tell him or her how you feel:

If you’re truly interested in having a serious and committed relationship with your casual s*xual partner, the next step is to tell him or her exactly how you feel. After all, it’s very possible that he or she actually shares your desires and wants to take your relationship to the next level as well. However, if your partner doesn’t reciprocate your sentiments, the good news is that you’ll finally have an answer and can decide for yourself if you’d like to continue your current arrangement or move on to something and someone else.

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