Friday, 16 June 2017

How To Handle Bossy People

Ever met a bossy person? I bet we all have. In life, we meet and deal with different kinds of people everyday but the toughest are the bossy people. Bossy people are the dictator, they have the attitude of bossing people around and are very authoritative because that is their own way of achieving things to their satisfaction and they always expect people to follow their order. Bossy people are very intimidating, they are always right and gets into the defensive mood when someone counters their statement or behaviour, these kinds of people are very difficult to handle and can be very frustrating.

Here are few ways on how to deal with bossy people.

1: Bring out your inner kindness:

 One good way to deal with a bossy person is to bring out your inner kindness and be kind to them no matter what, if they talk to you rudely and boss you around don’t get angry or snap at them because that is what they expect you to do and by being kind to them the bossy person will reconsider his/her behaviour.

2: Don’t live in fear: 

What bossy people do is to instill fear in people so don’t live in fear, don’t be scared to stand up for yourself when it’s necessary.

3: Don’t let them steal your freedom: 

Bossy people have a way of taking away people’s freedom and imposing things on them but don’t let them get you into that corner, your freedom is your right never let anybody take that away from you. Don’t let anybody bully you around and do things you don’t want to do, nobody can take away your freedom unless you gave them the permission to do so.

4: Release your frustration: 

Being around a bossy person too much can make one frustrated, angry and can also affect your self-esteem, so release your frustration and talk it out with the person so you won’t start bottling up negative feelings. “Listen to your heart and train your mind to stand up for what your heart feels is right, true freedom arises when you make the choice to follow your heart over the fears created by the mind”.

Via: Greennews
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