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Buhari Should Not Provoke Us To Civil War – Nnamdi Kanu

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB) , Nnamdi Kanu has advised President Muhammadu Buhari against provoking another civil war in Nigeria by threatening to deal with freedom fighters as terrorists. Kanu who gave the advice yesterday in Umuahia was reacting to Buhari’s recent broadcast and Tuesday’s alleged directive to security chiefs to handle the agitations for self-determination the same way as Boko Haram and herdsmen menace.

The IPOB Leader argued that it was illogical for Buhari to group Biafran agitators with a global terror organisations like Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. Kanu advised Buhari to rather concentrate efforts on governance and how to take Nigeria out of economic recession instead of issuing threats to intimidate genuine agitators.

He said Buhari should emulate former US President, Dwight Eisenhower who was a former military commander but turned a democrat when he was voted into power. His words: “The directive to service chiefs to clamp down on IPOB is a continuation of the Buhari’s dictatorial and undemo­cratic approach to governance. I find it unacceptable, abhorrent, and insulting that somebody elected by the people can turn around to dictate to them. Buhari was elected to govern Nigeria; he should get on with the business of governance and not try to instigate another war.”

Kanu, however, said IPOB would not be forced to take up arms no matter the provocation. “We have refused to be provoked to arms rebellion. That is what Buhari is looking for. Buhari wants a war but we won’t oblige him because we are civilised people. We are democrats at heart by nature and by essence.”

He however, said that no amount of threat or intimidation would make him give up the struggles for Biafra autonomy because it is a genuine cause. He challenged Buhari to defeat advocates of self -determination with superior arguments on why Nigeria should continue as one indivisible country instead of thinking he could cow them into submission by force.

“This notion and idea that we can intimidate them or bang them into submission does not work with Nnamdi Kanu. I only respond to reason and logic. I am not scared by threats. Defeat me with superior arguments not with the force of arms because it won’t work with me. Nigeria never defeated Biafra. Britain and other devilish powers did. Nigeria can never defeat Biafra.”

Kanu accused Buhari of hypocrisy by supporting the independence bid of Palestine and Western Sahara on the one hand while clamping down on Biafran agita­tors on the other. His words: “How come Buhari is supporting Palestinian self-determination, Western Sahara self-determination but wants Biafrans to be killed? That is sheer monumental hypocrisy. I want everybody liberated – Yo­ruba, Igbo, Jukun, Ijaw, Ibibio, etc. Convince me why Nigeria is a better option using sensible reasonable argument and not threats”.

Kanu further maintained that IPOB is a non- violent organisation which does not justifiably deserve equal treatment with Boko Haram and herdsmen which have taken up arms against the people.

According to Kanu, “We are not armed and we can never be armed. IPOB has done a lot to free other ethnic nationalities from the Caliphate’s bondage of retrogression and economic emasculation. Other ethnic nationalities should be grateful to IPOB for giving them the courage and the heart to speak up and say they are not slaves.

“We are not afraid because IPOB is a peaceful mass movement and not a violent arms group. IPOB is a non-violent peaceful mass movement. There is no recorded event of an injury being sustained in any of the numerous IPOB gatherings. People converge in their millions to listen to this gospel of the restoration of Biafra.

“We are the most disciplined; most well- behaved mass movement anywhere on the face of the earth despite the genocidal kill­ings, arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions without trial.

Kanu provided explanations on the formation of the Biafra Security Services (BSS), saying the secret police was set up to gather intel
ligence and not to bear arms contrary to some media reports. According to him, BSS was basically inaugurated to gather intelligence about the October 1 quit notice to Igbo living in the North; and to also defend communities in Biafra land against herdsmen invasion.

He vehemently denied setting up any army contrary to speculations, dismissing it as a fabrication of media outfits to attract readership and wider patronage. Kanu also said it was a ploy by the enemies to justify their plot to use crude force against peaceful agitators.

“No army was set up. Forget the distortions you see in the media. They only do so to attract traffic. What we have is only BSS set up to give us intelligence regarding the October 1 quit notice to Ndigbo living in the North. We are students of history. The same thing happened in 1966. No adequate arrangements were made to cater for the safe return of our people from the North and as a result, hundreds of thousands of people were massacred.

“All that IPOB is trying to do is to avoid the reoccurrence of the 1966 genocidal massacre of innocent Igbo men, women and children in the North. It is to prevent the menace of Fulani herdsmen which Buhari cleverly avoided to mention during his broadcast because they are his kinsmen. This means that he supports the killings of innocent people by herdsmen as a way of expanding their Islamic domination agenda.

“The majority of our people across South South and South East support what IPOB is doing. They also support the formation of BSS that will take care of this land in terms of its security needs. Attacks by the rampaging Hausa/ Fulani herdsmen will be a thing of the past. We can no longer allow it to go on.”
“ People talk about BSS as if it is something new. They have the Shariah police in the North, they also have the Hisbah police in the North answerable to Islamic courts. In the West they have OPC but here in the South East we have nothing. Why is it that when I want to safeguard the interest of Biafra, they begin to kick against it?”

Asked how BSS would confront the rampaging herdsmen since the former is not armed, Kanu said “We don’t need arms to disarm people who are carrying guns; we know the terrains of our villages better than they”.

Continuing he said: “We shall disarm them and stop them from rampaging and invading our communities. I don’t want some ethnic bigots occupying the corridors of power to provoke us into arms confrontation by sending troops masquerading as herdsmen to come and attack Biafra land.

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